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17 October 2011

October 17, 2011 Being a missionary is FUN!

Well, we had quite the week if we were normal people, but as a missionary, it was a pretty average week. I lost my voice and was super sick. But that didn't stop us from setting a baptismal date with Antonio, the homeless alcoholic man we have taught a couple times. So what was I doing yesterday morning before church? Waiting outside a Miss K Donuts shop for the member to show up to give a slightly tipsy Antonio a ride to church. hahaha... I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!! When else in my life am I going to arrange rides for homeless people to church? Well, now that I know how FUN it is, maybe I'll try and make an effort for the rest of my life... but it won't ever be the same. I've been RACKING my brain on how to help Antonio. When we taught him on Saturday he was really upset because someone had stolen from him. WHO STEALS FROM A HOMELESS MAN???? I mean seriously. RUDE. So anyway, we haven't really gotten any specific answers, but for now we're just following the steps in Preach My Gospel and are going to try and receive more inspiration as to how he can successfully overcome his addiction. But I love this man, so I'm not going to give up!

Well, I know that my area here is one of the more... colorful areas of our mission, but I have never really noticed too much. Because I just work with PEOPLE everywhere I go, and there are colorful people EVERYWHERE I've ever lived... haha. Anyway, this last week though it seems like Hna. Erickson and I are finding more and more of these eccentric individuals here in our area. The Elders always look forward to our stories every time we see them... Maybe it is because we are women, and the Elders are oftentimes mistaken for the FBI around here... haha. Or maybe it is because Hna. Erickson and I are also a little bit crazy so we attract people like us? haha I don't know, but we sure do have fun here! And seriously, being a missionary IS FUN! Though the canceled appointments, slammed doors, and phone hang-ups aren't always enjoyable, it is FUN to work with Heavenly Father to help His children and build his kingdom, even in Sylmar, California. I just can't wait to see Halloween here... hahahaha!

I have realized over the last couple weeks though what a very LONG way I have to go on a personal level. I decided to make an obedience test for myself. So I went through the Missionary Handbook and wrote down EVERY SINGLE rule I could find. I found 260 (though I combined some of them together, and there are repeats). Well, I went through and checked off all the ones I was obeying EXACTLY. But if I wasn't obeying it exactly, I couldn't mark it off. Well some rules like "Don't call Church Headquarters" are easy to keep exactly. But then there are rules like "Frequently study the Missionary Health Guide" which, to be perfectly honest, I don't even have! haha... Well,so I realized that I have a LONG way to go before I am 100% exactly obedient, but I'm working on it, a few things at a time. It was definitely a good wake-up call for me though, and it's bound to be a good growing experience!

Well, I love you all and I hope you have a great week! Keep smiling and praying!

Hermana Blackburn

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