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16 May 2011

May 16

Ok so I really don't have much time today, but thanks for all the really fantastic emails everyone!!! Ok so here are the highlights from the week:
1) David accepted a baptismal date for the 22 May... and then a few days later got all wishy washy again. So we'll see.
2) Melissa's dad doesn't want her to be baptized on the 22... so we're working on that one too. Just keep them both in your prayers, please!
3) We painted a whole house in about 5 hours. I love service!
4) We went to a Swap Meet (Mexican style) and a Mexican bakery in the San Fernando Valley on Saturday. Afterwards we went to the LA Temple with our district. SO SO SO GREAT to be back there again!! The Temple was incredible and a renewed eternal perspective was exactly what I needed to come back and have another exhausting lesson with David that night! haha The grounds were gorgeous. I took a picture by where the mission home used to be and where I have so many great memories with Tim & Jan... I met an Elder Nelson (blonde, curly hair if that rings a bell)who was one of their missionaries... he says Hi to you both!! :)
5) Yesterday I ate some interesting things... menudo (cow's stomach), pig feet, and pork rind (fresh pig skin). Oh yeah, and cactus... but that was normal compared to everything else! haha... Yeah... the pig foot was the worst. It tasted like, well, terrible. But it was the texture that really got me... like meat jello... it jiggled. haha SICK. Anyway, I survived. And I'm sending you pictures to prove it! haha
6) Had interviews with President Martin this week. He pretty much talked all 10 minutes of it, so it was good. He told me he REALLY needs me to learn Spanish as quickly as possible... because well, he's not getting any Spanish sisters in for a long while so he's going to have to use me. Like REALLY use me sooner than he would otherwise. So I could REALLY use all your prayers! haha... No pressure or anything...
This week we again saw lots of tender mercies. We have two new investigators, and it turns out they just HAPPEN to be sisters-in law. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT!!! And a man, Meliton, that we had dropped a few weeks ago because he kept standing us up and not returning our phone calls... well, my companion literally RAN into him one morning and he asked where we've been... he wants us to come back... So we had a lesson with him that night. He likes the Book of Mormon but doesn't want it to be true so he's afraid to pray about it. TUrns out though, he LOVES THE OLD TESTAMENT. Guess what?! SO DO I!!!! I was SO excited. I asked him what his favorite story was... turns out it's Joseph in Egypt. So what did I do? I invited him to read what Joseph of Egypt had to say about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon in 2 Nephi 3... He was stoked to read it. If there's anyone I can relate to, it's someone that LOVES the Bible. :) If only I understand more than 70% of what he was saying... haha Shoot. Well one day! :) But the most important thing is that I keep following the promptings of the Spirit and acting on them to the best of my ability.
Well, I gotta go! But I love you all so very much! Have a great week!
Hermana Blackburn
P.S. Tiffinie, Mark Gantt was in my MTC district! Tell Tayt that for me please!
P.P.S. Tanner, are your papers in yet?! You only have 6 more days until 22 May! haha ;)

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