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05 July 2011

July 5, 2011

So the Monrroy family was baptized and confirmed on Sunday. We met them, taught them, and they were baptized all within 5 weeks. Why? because they are 1) incredible and 2) prepared. They are seriously so great. I can't imagine heaven without them and now I know that I don't have to! The baptismal service was really great. President Martin even came for part of it! The Spirit was so strong as this incredible family made their first promises with Heavenly Father and began down the path to being an eternal family. No words will ever be able to describe how happy I am or how much I love them! I had very little to do with the process of them receiving their own witness from the Spirit that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true and that His church really HAS been restored again to the earth. But I'm so grateful I was able to witness this process with them! I know I've never actually ATTACHED photos to my emails before, but I thought I could make a special exception for this occasion. :)
I don't really have any more time, but I guess that's ok because I could write all day and never be able to adequately describe in words how happy I am--for the Monrroys, for my calling as a missionary, for the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life--or how much I am filled with love right now--for my Heavenly Father, for my Savior Jesus Christ, for my family, for my dear friends, for the Monrroys... everyone. This gospel really IS the only way to find lasting joy in this life or the next, because it is GOD'S way. And He's in charge...
Happy Belated Fourth of July!! Not going to lie... I was a little homesick yesterday as I was watching the fireworks. But now today I get to go back to work inviting others to come unto Christ and be healed (3 Nephi 9). I love you all so very much! Pray always, that you may come off conquerors!
Hermana Blackburn

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