February 2011-August 2012

27 February 2012

February 27, 2012 Curious Workmanship and Other Small and Simple Things

Well last week was a really good week. It started on Tuesday with a trip to the chiropractor... turns out I was almost 2" out of alignment. haha... And I had strict orders to take it easy on all fronts. Apparently my body isn't quite as healed as I think it should be. Oops. So what did I do that day instead of walking the streets of Sylmar? I made a Liahona. Yep. It's off the hook--if I do say so myself. I'm sad I forgot my camera cord b/c I was going to send pictures of it. Just imagine a hamster ball+broach+clock hands... We had planned a lesson on the liahona/scripture study (read 1 Ne 16 and Alma 37) for some less actives so I thought this would be a fun way to grab their attention. haha Oh if only people KNEW the lengths that missionaries go to for them sometimes. How'd the lesson go? Well, when we got there, the lesson actually ended up going in a very different direction and so we never even taught what we'd planned. But that's ok. That's what happens when you follow the Spirit. And now I have a liahona! haha

Wednesday was Zone Conference, and this might've been one of the best I've ever had. I got a lot of good food for thought. I love President Martin. And The APs gave a great training... theirs was actually my favorite. They showed us a clip from The Lion King--when Rafiki tries to help Simba understand WHO HE IS, and he sees his father, for those of you who will remember that part. Wow... when you watch that with your spiritual eyes and ears... Talk about personal revelation. In a lot of ways I'm like Simba and I need to REMEMBER WHO I AM. But in other ways, as a missionary, I play the role of Rafiki helping others realize WHO THEY ARE. What a cool job. I love being a missionary! Anyway, it was really help for me personally as well as for our investigators right now.

Thursday we had a jam-packed day of appointments... with NEW PEOPLE! Jose, Alicia, Alondra, Abelinda, and then with Lucia, and dinner with David. Man! What a great day! I really hope that our days this week are a lot more like Thursday than Tuesday of last week! haha

Today we are going to go to the San Fernando Mission... the old Spanish, Catholic mission that is, b/c clearly I'm IN the San Fernando Mission. haha But I'm excited! I've been here for almost 9 months and I still haven't been to see it! And then I'm going to try my hand at making a quiche. We'll see how that goes. :)

Oh and for all those who are curious about the roaches... they've decreased substantially. Thanks! Operation Extermination is still in full effect though. As I finished the Pearl of Great Price last week, I came across the part about all the blood of animals we've killed being required at our hands when we're judged by God. Do you think cockroaches count as animals in that instance? Sure hope not! haha Yikes! 

Anyway, I hope you all have a great week! Keep smiling and serving!
Hermana Blackburn

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