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07 November 2011

November 7, 2011 Transfer 5 Week 5

Hello Family!!
I hope things are going well! Tanner--9 days until the MTC! How are you feeling? Haha Yeah I know... I hated that question, too! And Logan-HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!!! For some reason MY birthdays don't make me feel nearly as old as YOUR birthdays do! haha But I hope you have a great one!

Highlights from the last week: exchanges, training, and church.

I went on exchanges with Hermana Beauchamp up in Palmdale. It was great to be out of the city and have clean air and blue skies. But it was a pretty normal missionary day with lots of canceled appointments and knocking. So nothing too out of the ordinary. I had a great time with Hna. Beauchamp, and I learned a lot from her. But by the end of the day I very much looked forward to getting back to work with Hna. Erickson. In a very grateful kind of way, that I have such a wonderful companion who is an all-star missionary. She never lets a moment go by with someone without bringing up the gospel in some way. She is persistent, but not pushy, which is a rare skill as a missionary. Anyway, I just LOVE working with her so I'm grateful that I have one more week to soak it in. We have transfers next week, so I'll find out on Saturday if I'm staying or leaving. I've been here for 3 transfers (4.5 months) so I kinda think I'll leave. But who knows.

Hna. Erickson and I gave a training to our Zone on Friday morning about our Missionary Covenant and our Quest for Obedience. I will try and attach our handout that we made for it. It went really well. I've pretty much shared with you in my emails over the last 12 weeks the ideas of STRIVING to be obedient and our missionary covenant based on our studies and our Zone Conference with Elder Golden several weeks ago. We had a really great time preparing and giving our training, and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. So we consider it a success. :)

I may have mentioned this before, but as missionaries church is always a bit nerve-wrecking hoping and praying that those you are teaching actually come and that once they are there they can feel the Spirit, feel welcomed, and not be taught any false doctrine from anyone! But this last Sunday was one of the BEST Sacrament meetings this ward has had since I've been here! It was SO GOOD. The Spirit was SO strong. And our investigators there felt it and recognized it. Another miracle? have I mentioned Jose and Marta who we're teaching? Well they are great, but this story is about a man, Cesar, who rents a room in the back of their house. We met him briefly as we were leaving a lesson at their house. We invited him to church, but just like most contacts you make like that on the street, we didn't have any expectations that he would come. But lo and behold, he CAME! i could hardly believe my eyes when he walked into the Church on Sunday! haha I was so happy! And he LOVED IT. We haven't even taught this man yet, and in the middle of Sacrament meeting, he leaned over to Hna. Erickson and said he felt something "funny" and pointed to his heart. He said "I don't know what this is. I've never felt it before. But I like it." So she taught him about the Holy Ghost and what it means when we feel it. :) So we have a lesson with him and Jose and Marta tonight! But seriously, it was great and we're excited to teach him more!

Well that is all I have for now. But I love you all and hope you have an incredible week! God is so good to us, so he blesses us with families and prophets. And I'm SO grateful that I know Thomas S. Monson is God's prophet on the earth today. I've prayed and asked. And God has answered me through the Holy Ghost. I love that! And I love sharing the love of our Savior and Heavenly Father with everyone here in Sylmar!

Love you!
Hermana Blackburn

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